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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Mothers Day.
Sunday 12th May - Diksmuide to Fintele

Just as there is an apostrophe missing from “Mothers Day”, we are missing from Diksmuide this evening.   

It wasn’t much of a decision really, when a man’s  gotta go, a man’s gotta go, and the urge took hold of us both this morning. Without fuss, unnoticed except by the harbour master who came out to say something cheery in Flemish which we didn’t understand, but which we thought might have meant "Have a good trip”  but turned out to be “Maybe you should not reverse out until that hire boat goes past”, we quietly set out to disappear over the hill and far away.

In Belgium, even finding a hill is something of an achievement and when one does it is very far away indeed, so we compromised after thirteen kilometres or so and stopped at Fintele, where we we could savour a bit of solitude albeit at first mixed with the happy afternoon sounds of Mothers Day celebrations in the nearby restaurant.   Here we will wait until that urge to change our view returns.

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