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Friday, May 17, 2019

Tilting at Windmills.
Monday 13th May - Fintele

There was a bit of wind about, doing its utmost to ensure that the thermometer had not much to do at all, and since everything had been cleaned and tidied to within an inch of its life before we left Diksmuide (sung to the tune of “I told you so”), it turned out to be a glorious day for us to do not much at all as well.

We had so little to do in fact that we unfolded the bikes and took off for a bit of windmill spotting.  Around here that’s a bit like shooting fish in a barrel of course and it wasn’t too long at all before having visited two, they all started to look a bit alike.   Realising that we were at least three kilometres from home, and not wanting to overdo it, we stopped to thaw out a bit away from the wind, over a coffee and pannekoek.

Luckily we were able to get back to the boat in time to pack the bikes away before lunch, so that we could take the whole the afternoon off.


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