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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Under A Clear Blue Sky.
Tuesday 14th May - Fintele to Veurne

We’ve were particularly grateful today that ours is the kind of boat that can be operated almost entirely without venturing outdoors.  It’s the wind you see, chilled and flogging leaves off trees, spreading pollen and dust, making eyes watery, noses red and generally blowing everything that isn’t blue out of the the sky with the exception of the sun, which happily shines directly into our warm little greenhouse-saloon.  Admittedly we are not quite so happy about that when summer comes around, but for now we are delighted.

There is quite a lot of concentration required on days like today, to actually steer a course in which contact with the land is entirely avoided apart from the bit at the beginning and end of the voyage, but concentrate we did until we had bumped safely and warmly against the dock in Veurne.

Thankfully here we are only a few kilometres by Tesla from Dave and Ria’s place.  Just before the sun breathed its last for the day they arrived (not entirely unannounced) with their friend Mar, their presence filling our little ship with an entirely different and even nicer, longer lasting kind of warmth.

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