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Saturday, May 11, 2019

It begins!.
Monday 6th May - Lens to Diksmuide

We’ve had such a good time during the past week that it’s been easy to forget that at the end of our journey lay the promise of hours of cleaning and sorting our gear ready for a new summer.

When we arrived in Diksmuide this morning we were somewhere between pleasantly surprised and astonished at just how little work appeared to be necessary to have our Joyeux in cruise-ready condition.   Oh there was a bit of dust around to be sure, but due to a combination of bright sunlight, indoor storage and the diligence of the chaps at Buitenbeentje he positively sparkled!

This of course meant that we’d have to pace ourselves if we were going to manage our customary procrastination around the start of our cruising season.  Therefore we fiddled for an hour or two until things inside were far untidier than they were when we arrived, told ourselves that we were almost finished and disappeared to spend an evening or two with Dave and Ria, an infinitely more pleasurable alternative.

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