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Thursday, May 09, 2019

The Gardens of the Auge.
Wednesday 1st May - Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives

Pretty much everything in France is closed on May Day, and pretty much everyone in France wants to get out and about on their day off.   As a result of this there seems to be an over abundance of people looking for places to go and things to eat and a corresponding shortage of places to do so.

We were no different, and thought we might visit the nearby Château de Vendeuvre, but after phoning them at ten to enquire if they were open to the public today the owners advised that they hadn’t made up their mind yet.  Therefore Jacques declared we would visit the not much further away “Gardens of the Auge District”, which was fully booked, but if we visited early there would be a table for us in their cafe before the luncheon rush.  

Created by one family over a period of not much more than a decade these gardens were nothing short of inspirational.  After just three days away, one of us was so enamoured with what he had seen that had he not been put firmly back in his cage he may well have caught the first plane home to get stuck into an immediate rehash of the Dicky Beach landscape.   Though the site’s restaurant managed to find us a table laden with paper napkins, an absence of suitable pencil ruined any attempt at preliminary planning and wonderful things have thus far failed to happen.

Watch this space.


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