Legends from our own lunchtimes

Thursday, May 09, 2019

The New Steed.
Friday 3rd May - La Ferte-St-Aubin

In simpler times, if a girl wanted to get around she borrowed some armour, hijacked a horse and simply took off to rabble-rouse as she was wont.

Apparently unable to find armour to fit, Celine has settled for an aged Kombi which will give both transport and a measure of protection as she sets off to change the world one camping spot at a time.  We joined her on her quest today, between bouts of eating, to find a suitable roof ventilator and a few other bits to complete the conversion.  Satisfyingly, one of us even got to make a small replacement part using nothing but a pocket knife and a couple of plastic milk bottles.

We will go into Orleans tomorrow, to take a photo of that famous statue of Joan of Arc, a fitting metaphor we thought for Celine and her trusty steed Jerome, charging off in search of blue skies and foes to vanquish!

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