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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Deathly Silence.
Saturday 9th April - Australia - 6292 cases - 247 per million population

For the first time in forty-six years the "Ma and Pa Bendall Surfing Contest", the second longest running in the country, or is that the world(?) has been cancelled, and if we thought the crowds were a bit sparse yesterday, they had disappeared altogether today.  

Anyone who describes themselves as a "caravan park half-full" kind of guy could have been called out as a fibber today.    On the second biggest weekend of the year, in caravan parks all over the country not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.  Even a few days ago, they were admittedly significantly less than half empty as a few hangers-on and permanent dwellers hunkered down for a long spell of having nowhere to go and noone to go there with.

As we wandered past the empty slabs we were reminded of some of the huge war cemeteries we have visited in recent times, and wondered what lay beneath them; the Ghosts of Good Times Past perhaps?  

With that cheery thought we retired to our own little bunker, where, armed variously with books, secateurs, sewing machine and television set, we quietly whiled away our day.

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Joan Elizabeth said...

Sadly no winter caravaning holiday in Queensland for us this year ... had better order in some more firewood.

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