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Friday, April 17, 2020

Ups and Downs.
Tuesday 14th April - Australia - 6359 cases 2843 Active - 250 per million population

One of us is not exactly enamoured with the concept of Easter presents.  The historical morphing of a Pagan commemoration into inarguably the one that is the cornerstone of the Christian faith, does not need further exploitation, although perhaps the slightest commercialisation of that event if it involves Hot Cross Buns and anything made of chocolate, be they egg shaped or not can be forgiven, in his view.

The other usually seems to go entirely mad in an apparent effort to ensure that the Easter message is entirely blurred in our grandchildren's eyes by plying them with edible things (that would be far better served in the custody of their Grandfather), fluffy little chickens, and usually something she's slaved for days or weeks to make.

This year, the quilted "Snakes and Ladders" games turned out to be a bit more complex than she'd intended and completion was sufficiently overtime that by the time they receive them, any slender connection with Easter will be forgotten.  There'll still be many days of "locked-in" school holidays for them to be enjoyed though, so everyone in this game wins.

"Snakes and Ladders" seems to be an appropriate metaphor for all things Covid 19 in Australia at the moment.   We appear to have landed on a ladder and be screaming towards the conclusion of the game, but it's not as simple as it appears.  The real danger lies in the weeks ahead, and it will be easy for us to be distracted by commentators whose purpose in life is to do just that, perhaps lulling us into a moment of carelessness, tempting us to stand on the snakes head as it were, sending us swiftly back to the start of the game.    

Whose turn is it to throw the dice? 

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Joan Elizabeth said...

Jo just astounds me with all her sewing. I think I am going to work on a project and decide there has to be something on tele more worthy of watching instead.

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