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Friday, April 17, 2020

You can take the playground out of the park, but...
Monday 13th April - Australia - 6344 cases 2898 Active - 249 per million population

Playgrounds are closed, and while some of the plastic "keep away" tape might be hanging in the breeze, it's nice to see that people seem to be getting the message. 

The crowds seem to have stayed away for the entire weekend, from the more public places at least.

The atmosphere in the great outdoors is notably subdued which may be a result of our Government's loss of patience with the minority who aren't playing by the spirit of the rules, or it may just be that a large percentage of the population have suddenly realised that this thing may just turn out to be serious. 

There's a distinct surge of camaraderie in our neighbourhood though, not that it was ever lacking in that particular commodity.  Walking around here is a perilous thing at the best of times for those with a particular place to go and a time to get there, as one has to run something of a social gauntlet.   

Now it's worse.  We are allowed two guests on our property, providing strict distancing rules are complied with, and on the face of it one would think that would be an end to idle neighbourhood chatter, but if one did, one would be wrong.

Chairs have been set in driveways so that passers-by can sit and chat to householders perched on their first floor balconies, retaining walls serve a useful barrier so that conversations can go on with participants on separate tiers of lawn, even a set of garden stairs has been pressed into service as a two person amphitheatre facing a pair of chairs further down the path.

We may have to leave for our evening walk some time around lunchtime if we are going to be home for tea.  


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