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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Missing them.
Wednesday 8th April - Australia - 6031 cases - 236 per million population

The handcraft corner if calling it that is not doing it a great disservice, has been going gangbusters to get the sixth jumper of its kind done and dusted, before Millie outgrows it and we have a repeat of the near debacle which was Jude's.  How clearly those memories of an atmosphere in our little boat so thick with angst one could carve it, while pattern adjustments failed to work time after time.

We are in a much bigger space now and there's a television rattling away in front of the knitting, so it's a bit hard for someone at the other end of the house to know if the rude words are the bad guys or the knitter, but she's exuding serenity, so one presumes it's going well enough.

On the other hand, the process has brought such vivid memories of our times with the grandkids that we are missing them even more than we usually do.   How we'd love to be helping the bigger boys dig their new pond, or tugging on Miss Nine's funny rabbit ears.   We'd had a long weekend looking after the little boys just a month ago while their parents were interstate attending the marriage of a friend, so are finding it even more difficult not be with them and their sister who is growing in our absence as though she's been dipped in organic fertilizer.

It's nice to know that the feelings are mutual though.  Yesterday Mr Four asked his Mum if they could go away to another "Wetting" so we could come down and look after them again.   There was a bit of "wetting" around here it must be said, just the slightest bit in the corner of our eyes when we heard that.


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