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Friday, April 03, 2020

So much to do, so few lifetimes to do it in.
Friday 3rd April - Australia - 5350cases - 210 per million population

It's a bit hard not to notice that the world is in a bit of turmoil, and impossible not to notice why.  If one can be over-informed on a topic perhaps we have made it.  I really didn't know we had so many experts in molecular biology and epidemiology in our suburbs.  We are well beyond the "need to know" tipping point, but at the same time perhaps if the flood of even close to correct information can drown out the misinformers, the conspiracy theorists and their ilk, it is worth putting up with the short term pain. 

There's another more hilarious flood though on social media channels.   The "content creators" have been flat out getting stuff to air each day, thousands of them, all with titles like "Things to make when locked in - Day 5".  I am not sure that any of them understand that this may not be a two-week phenomenon, and look forward to seeing what day 157 will bring. 

We, being all seeing and all knowing, would be surprised if we are out of this situation before September or later.  We will have time we think, to cross a few little projects off the list, but at the same time there's no sense knocking ourselves out in the process.  We don't want to wear ourselves out prematurely after all.

After three weeks of very satisfactory rest, we're starting to wonder if pacing ourselves hasn't turned into procrastination.  The fact that we've started on a few other apparently more exciting projects, such posting  "ten photos in ten days taken in our bathroom" might just be a sign that we may as well throw away the old list and start a new one.  We're not quite sure what's happening in our brains, perhaps we have actually retired.

One of our daughters reminded us today as we were discussing this (via telephone), that she once thought she'd be much better at doing housework if she had time.   Now she's beginning to think it wasn't time that was the problem after all.

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Joan Elizabeth said...

I'm with your daughter. I am doing all sorts of things rather than sweep floors and clean the windows.

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