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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Feeding time at the zoo.
Saturday 18th April - Australia - 6560 cases 2359 Active - 257 per million population

Sharing an online meal with one's grandchildren is every bit as pleasurable as sharing with one's mates, albeit somewhat messier for those on the other side of the camera, and with a somewhat more stilted conversation.

It's not that our Millie isn't smart, of course she is, but being not yet halfway to her first birthday, she is dependent more on telepathy for communication than on actual language skills.  We watch enthralled as each spoon goes in and her mouth opens for more and we sip happily our coffee as she does, because her lunch time and ours are a long way out of sync.  We chat idly with her Mum as she tries to master the art of eating "solids".   

If she could conjure up some typing skills she would probably write to a politician or launch some sort of class action in our Advertising Tribunal, because the actual connection between "solid food" as it is mispresented to herself, and anything vaguely resembling something that is actually "solid" is tenuous indeed, but from what we can observe she seems to do her best not to complain.

A short time after our meeting this morning, her Mum noticed what would have been a "clink" had the spoon she was feeding her with not been plastic, and on inspection discovered a tooth.   This it seems is going to be Millie's way.  Not for her is that "old announce the imminent arrival of a first tooth by bawling for hours on end in the middle of the night" trick, she'd rather give them the pleasure of finding it for themselves.

Besides, she has bigger fish to fry.  Has anyone seen the iPad?

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