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Sunday, April 26, 2020

The world's shortest road trip.
Thursday 23rd April - Australia - 6661 cases 1653 Active - 261 per million population

Hoarding has been in the news a lot lately, for all the wrong reasons.   All those people with mountains of toilet paper they can't jump over should feel suitably ashamed, and I truly hope they their finger pokes through it when they use it.  

It should be noted that there is a fine line between hoarding and being prepared, and it is with that in mind that I started to sift through some of my stash today.  The fact that timber is an expensive commodity would be good enough reason to argue that my little collection was worth having, but I also happen to get quite a lot of pleasure knowing that there's a piece of Deb and Charlie's pergola in the stool downstairs, that bits of the house that used to be across the road live on in our living room chest, and that the desk I sit at as I type this was made from part of the carport at our last house.  Every piece of timber in my little storage shed has a story to tell about where it's been and where we've been with it.

With a great list of projects on the cusp of commencement, today was the day I thought I'd pull some stuff out of the racks and see if by squinting at it, I could determine what will become of it.  It was quite nice to reacquaint myself with among other things, our waterbed frame from when we lived in Tweed Heads (1979), a bit of left over window from our place in Tugun (1989) some demolition timber from Manly (1992) and bits of our neighbour's piano (2007).  There are also some pergola pieces and a verandah post or two from the last millenium, and in a day or two, or a week or three if all goes to a plan not yet drawn, they'll all be pieces of another kind of jigsaw puzzle.

I had to make room for them on the floor of the garage in the place where the car has staked out its space, so I asked my beloved if she'd like to come for a drive.  She declined, sadly, presumably because in a trip distance of eight metres she would barely be asleep before we reached our destination.   I will ask her again on the return journey, who knows, my luck may change.

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