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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Protecting our turf.
Thursday 7th April - Australia - 6104 cases - 239 per million population

The sign seems selfish in the extreme, but the "let's go to the beach to exercise" phenomenon is truly starting to become a bit bizarre.  

There are so many people visiting our beaches that social distancing is impossible on many of the access ways.  To date we've stayed away on weekends, but the crowds have continued to build through the week, and many in our neighbourhood have been concerned that access to "our" beaches will be closed to all as a result.   With the Easter long weekend about to start, the government has once again taken decisive action, announcing the closure of all beachfront parking areas from tonight and again warning us all to restrict our "exercise" outings to our local areas, which suits us of course, but not "them".

One hopes that this sudden surge of beach-love continues into the future when the businesses that are presently closed will need a jolt of patronage to overcome the loss of holiday trade on which they rely to get them through the quiet times. 

More importantly perhaps, one hopes that this nasty bit of "us and them" is soon forgotten and when its over we don't continue to think that because some of us happen to be fortunate enough (or smart enough) to live in close proximity to the beach, that we own it.

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Joan Elizabeth said...

Right now I wondering if we are going to be allowed to travel home. This week we had to return to our somewhat empty old home for Ian to go to the eye specialist but since then they are getting upset about people going into the regions. There is a lot of "them and us" going on, but fully understandable.

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