Legends from our own lunchtimes

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Let's do Lunch .
Thursday 16th April - Australia - 6468 cases 2658 Active - 254 per million population

Our day began as many do, with one of us up far too early, quietly entertaining herself until the other rose an or so hour later, crashing down the hallway as is his wont, bouncing off alternative walls like a one legged sailor impersonating a toffee apple, all the while reaching out for one the drug that he knows will connect his inner ear to the rest of his brain.


A quick check of the diary told us that we were staying in today, and a quick check of the list of things to do told us that there wasn't anything in urgent need of attention, or if there was it would still be urgent tomorrow, so we set about phoning our mates in an effort to keep them from doing anything important as well.  

"Let's do lunch" they said, so we broke off our call and had a quick shower and tidy up, while, in parallel universes barely 80 kilometres apart we ordered fish and chips from our respective sanitised, no-contact, fish shops, returning home simultaneously to tables set with condiments and beverages of choice.

Our first meal prepared by someone else in more than a month was splendid, the company superb, and when it was over we had just enough time to sneak in a snooze.

Another perfect day in paradise isolation. 


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Vallypee said...

Well it sounds as if you're doing fine. That's good to know. I've just found your blog again after some months of fumbling around Blogland looking for you. Of course it didn't occur to me to go to Farcebook...ho hum. I'm really not very good at social media. My attendance is sporadic to say the least. Anyway, I found you on Jo's page, so here I am...why, you might ask, did I lose you at all? Well, I changed my blog address and promptly lost a few contacts I didn't actually have on my list...you being one of them.

So sorry the situation is keeping you grounded this year. We cannot go 'faring' either as Belgium is closed and the real Netherlands is across the (scary) Westerschede, which we don't want to risk with our new engine until we're sure of it. On Wednesday, though, my Vereeniging is being lifted out, so we'll at least be busy with maintenance...lucky us.

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