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Friday, April 24, 2020

I might start a project.
Sunday 19th April - Australia - 6606 cases 2306 Active - 259 per million population

We were feeling energetic enough at the beginning of the day, ready to get stuck in to that list of projects that were going to be completed until we stumbled across a calendar and realised it was Sunday and that it had been a while since we'd had a day off. 

Well it had been a while since one of us had had a day off anyway, the other is still in significant procrastination mode, going through his hourly routine of checking his list in the hope that he could conjure up an excuse to search YouTube for another slew of "ideas", and waste sufficient time in doing so that by the time a sufficiently brilliant idea emerges to incorporate in whatever project he's thinking might be the next to attack, it'll be too late to start. 

Outside, the world seemed to be entirely of two minds as to what to do with itself as well.   The weather was calm and brilliant, yet breathless and dull at the same time, as though the bloke in charge of the levers was on a coffee break and had left the place in neutral while he settled down for the rest of the day to read a good book.  

What a great idea!

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Meg said...

Or check out Aussies taking out their bins in costumes. If that doesn't give you ideas...

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