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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Easter Sunday.
Sunday 12th April - Australia - 6313 cases 2916 Active - 248 per million population

One has to wonder at how it came to be that our Journal entry for this day came to be written four days later.

Every now and then, and we can't be sure whether it's a physical or psychological thing, the flu vaccine seems to slow us down for a day or two, or at least that's my excuse.  On the one hand, Easter projects were well underway albeit accompanied by that familiar sound of deadlines rushing by. The sewing machine, up from its usual domain took a spot on the kitchen bench where it could watch tele in those idle moments while its operator was pinning or cutting or perhaps having a snooze.

Today was day two and though neither of us was unwell particularly, one of us charged into her day firing on most cylinders most of the time, while the other was content to sit and make endless lists of things he might do when the urge o'ertook him.  

It didn't.

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