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Friday, June 25, 2010

Before Dawn

I am starting to wonder if we'll ever return to a normal sleep pattern, but the morning gave us the most spectacular dawn.   Some would describe it admittedly, as grey and perhaps without promise, but the water glistened like quicksilver for just a few spectacular moments in a vivid reminder that there are many alternatives to stereotypical experiences.

Not many more sleeps, the paintings have a tracking number, we've started to think about what to take, and the pest bloke came to keep the silverfish at bay in our absence, and rubbed us for luck.  

I remember him telling us last year that we are "glass half full" kinds of people,  and me telling him that it was a nonsense to talk in "half empty" and "half full" terms.

If you just find a glass that's the right size for the situation it can be full all the time.

I wonder, as the half way point in the year approaches, if I were to look back at my thought processes earlier in the year, if they reflected that philosophy? 


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