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Thursday, June 17, 2010


After years of him lurking half finished in the back of the shed, supervising everything that's gone on within when he wasn't blind folded by the canoe, we delivered Ralph to Ralph today.

I developed newfound respect for his mother on the way as well, if she had as much trouble delivering him as we did.   Apart from him not actually fitting in the car, necessitating a whole packaging process, we had our first ever packaging failure and thank the nice bus driver flashing his lights to draw our attention to the surprising fact that he was floating somewhere above the roof racks while still attached and undamaged.

Then there was the nasty caravan explosion: inverted car, van in pieces no larger than the average dog's breakfast, and no one hurt.  Even with an hour's delay on the highway, our day was going to be better than theirs.

As for Ralph, it's a wonderfully ego soothing affair, when someone not only likes an image of themselves that one has created, but likes it enough to hang it in their own home, and then to discover his wife appears to like it as well just adds icing to the cake.

I'm somewhere between excited, pleasantly surprised and not surprised at all.

But I am just as chuffed as he is none the less.

Although I'm going to miss his omnipresence I think.


cara said...

I don't think it's much of a surprise to me that they liked it. I would put it on the wall too - it's ace.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Ralph was my favourite.

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