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Monday, June 07, 2010

Old People

We had an old people's day today, so I thought another sunset would make a pleasant accompaniment to the text.

To be completely fair, one of us did go off to gym while the other sat in the queue with the other geriatrics at the pathology clinic, waiting to have the sorts of blood tests that require fasting, then the other went to have her eyes tested and organise a new set of reading specs, arriving home just in time to pass the baton to yours truly who was off to watch "Mr and Mrs Smith" on the ceiling of the dentist's suite.

It didn't ease the pain at all to know that by the time we'd had lunch we'd managed to rack up a four figure debt on the new credit card that purports to be made of some sort of exotic metal but which for all the world looks and feels like plastic.

But then we probably earned enough frequent flyer points to send us to Beerwah, and all being well will have saved any nasty surprises while in foreign climes at the same time.

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diane b said...

All sounds like a hectic life in your household. Good luck to you embarking on an adventure.

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