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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Well it finally happened.   I actually lost control of this journal, not only pushing it aside for a few days, but buried as we are, up to our armpits in paper and thoughts of what we might need to do during the next four months, it has become difficult to think what happened more than an hour ago!

That is of course because we are in a vicious circle of changing over automatic payments from our old card to our new, and even though we are being very diligent, we don't seem to get to the next account before the last one has "bounced".

Never the less in a split second of weakness we've booked a train ride, a hire car AND a hotel for the first two nights we are in France.   We've even bought some charts of the waters through which we hope to travel.   More signs of ageing I suspect, although tempered somewhat by the last minute nature of the effort.

All of this is happening under the watchful eye of Mr Three, who perched as he is temporarily where we can keep an eye on him for the week or so he has left with us, he has heard every gasp as we receive one outrageous price after another to send him to France with his eight mates.   

It would be much more cost effective to send the subjects in person than the paintings!

The dining table is starting to look as it did fifteen years ago, but I had an excuse then.

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Joan Elizabeth said...

You will miss your paintings when they have been bought.

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