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Sunday, June 06, 2010

The first fire of winter.

The temperature made it below 18° in the house tonight, so it was fair game to light the fire.   It's probably going to be this way for the next three weeks no matter what the temperature.   Eight years ago, I removed much of the vegetation from what was at the time our garden, and cut it into fire sized bits, and then I removed all the roof battens and cut them into fire sized bits.

Then I stored them in the boat shed waiting for a cold and rainy day.  

We still look for excuses to ignite it and I'm not sure that we'll be moving the rest of the pile when we leave, so there's no need to be sparing this year!

It's funny how we acclimatise though.  Next month we will be in summer, and the temperatures will be similar, and we won't be feeling cold at all.

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