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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Every day is extraordinary of course, and I'm sure that today, with a fire lit first thing in the morning because, well it was a bit cool for us, things would be no different.

Clear blue winter sky, fringing palms and a fire indoors.  Heaven.

It was too cold to paint because the clear I'm using says 15° or more, and too windy anyway or my paintings will all end up with a coat of central Australia on them.

So we did what any sensible person would do and went to the movies with friends.  It was cold enough the jacket I've worn in respectable places for the last for years or so.  It was so cool that, dressed as I was and going out as we were I became slightly disoriented.   I crawled across two seats in the cinema, sat down and subconsciously reached for my seat belt, fortunately no one understood my movement or if they did they weren't telling.   This was one monster aircraft.

Robin Hood.  In France.  With improbable landing craft on the shores of Dover.

Dinner afterwards in Turkey.

Home to battle with our ISP in America.

Who needs travel when one can stay at home and have conversations in five accents in one day.  Come to think of it, Russell Crowe managed to do more than that in just one movie, and he was only playing one role.

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