Legends from our own lunchtimes

Monday, June 28, 2010

Even though all the frangipani leaves bar one have dropped during the week of cooler temperatures, it held out a cheery farewell posy for us as we loaded the trusty hire car and headed vaguely closer the airport, and just a few hours late to the Big Smoke and Uncle Colin's Eightieth birthday celebration.

We took our place as we always did, with the kids in a circle out the back, well away from where the grown ups were telling their grown up stories.   It never really occurred to us, nor did it to the grown-ups I suspect, that the youngest of the kids was now in her mid fifties, and most of us if not retired, were well past the enthusiasm for full time employment that we perhaps had once displayed.

When the circle of life reaches the point where the kids are in their circle swapping notes about their grandchildren, it's time to take every opportunity to smell the frangipani!


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Joan Elizabeth said...

Bon Voyage ... it's got jolly chilly down here ... summer in France seems enticing.

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