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Saturday, June 12, 2010


While I take up every square millimetre of elevated horizontal surface, our Lily seems to have spread across the house.

Mark, our neighbour chef gave a more or less impromptu Master Chef Master Class this morning, so it was risotto for lunch, and an entirey different scraggy horde coming for dinner mean that my mess will be bundled into a pile to either be forgotten or lost.

Problem solved.

Till we are in France and find we've forgotten a map.

Perhaps we'll just leave a baby powder trail so that we can retrace our steps.  

Meanwhile it seems that Dave, the nice American in the support team somewhere in Atlanta has seen my point and is leaning on the accounts people to refund my costs for the dud email service.  If Dave is no smaller than some of his countrymen whom we count as friends, then I'd be very afraid if I was in accounts.

On the other hand our new provider seems to be very kind and efficient.  We may be able to have a map emailed to us after all.

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diane b said...

The shot explains baby chaos well.

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