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Monday, June 14, 2010

It's a public holiday today, but it feels like Sunday,  Matt will have his Lily back this morning and he sounds as though he's missing his girls as much as we will be by this afternoon.

Their stairs are clear and glossy now, unlike my paintings.  Got a few first coats on, but the temperature and humidity are not helping at all.

After two days of sub 20° temperatures and overcast skies I'm starting to feel as though we could be in London.   I don't think I'm suited to a proper winter.

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Joan Elizabeth said...

Good grief Peter ... sub 20C and rainy was our summer!! We went to Junee on the weekend where there was a big white frost in the morning and sunny 10C max during the day and we thought it delightful weather.

Glad you could get warm cuddling Lily.

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