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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Endless Summer

I don't think we are going to see our frangipani completely bare this year,  we'll be back and it will once again in full foliage.  We may well be back before autumn seriously hits in the north as well, so no bare trees or golden leaves falling photographs from me.

It's not as though I NEED another blog, but while putting the bones around Canal Chat and thinking too much, I observed that those of us who are caught in this human form of migratory loop between northern and southern hemispheres live in an endless summer,  a state of being first described in a surfing movie of the same name from the mid sixties.  I wonder if those early influences implanted a subconscious restlessness that makes us do this stuff?

As we get nearer to the shortest day of the year here, it occurred to me that in our "loop" the days are in a constant state of getting shorter.

We leave at just about the time they start to lengthen again, but arrive in the Northern Hemisphere with the opposite consequence.

Can that be good for our health?

I'll have to stop thinking about it or something will drop off.

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