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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Herding Cats

Trying to get Mr ThreeAlmostFour, Miss "well I'm seven weeks old today and I can do what I want" and the Matriarch in one frame at the one time looking as though they were enjoying her 84th birthday breakfast, which they certainly were to a person, was not a task to be undertaken lightly.

Perhaps it was the impact of the triple ice-cream scoop for him, or the double-breast for the youngest, or maybe it was just the apple crepe unsettling the photographer that  caused the trouble, but in the end, despite almost getting frustrated with it all,  it all came out fine.

Fine is also how we seem to be cutting all the paperwork before we depart, although now it's almost done with a day to spare thanks to a marathon office crawl this afternoon.   

Our path home was paved with a hundred signatures; first a stop at the solicitors to endorse the personal paperwork witnessed in duplicate and sealed in wax (OK I made up the bit about being sealed in wax, but it felt like it), then to the bank to finalise funds for today's purchase, and most complicated of all, the post office to redirect our mail.   

Nine pieces of paper all signed in duplicate, each with two official looking rubber stamps on it was all it took.  Dealing with Australia Post makes family portrait time seem positively fun.

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