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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Some day my boy, all this will be yours

We decided some time ago that our circumstances have collected sufficient complexity over the last thirty-six years that it really would be a good idea to get some proper advice about redrafting our wills.  

This clearly needed the realignment of a couple of planets, as when we checked the initial draft documents we discovered to our surprise that they'd been commenced almost ten years ago and here were we thinking it was just last week.

They'd been held up by the absence of an original and apparently non replaceable document which our banks in their wisdom had decided to lose.  Interestingly we have a receipt for one of them, which seems to fly in the face of the Banks steadfast denial, but I digress.

Our people had suggested with ever diminishing hope verging on desperation that that the solicitor who had prepared our original deed may possibly have kept an original duplicate stamped copy for safe keeping, as a bit of insurance against our selves.  

We of course thought that unlikely.  Why after all would there be a spare copy of a document of which we remembered nothing? 

None the less we spoke to a nice young lady at the Law Society with a much heavier accent than the one in the call centre who'd been helping with our travel sim card earlier in the day,  and she was able to give us details of the firm who may be able to assist.

One phone call later and the document that shouldn't exist was ready for collection, along with the original (1976) versions of our wills, all neatly bound in green cord.  

What sort of evil nasty solicitor would have so little trust in his client that he'd hide a document for thirty years just in case his client lost all the "other originals"?

Our people were impressed.

We were impressed.

 (Are you listening ALWM?)

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Anonymous said...

Someone obviously deserves special merit.

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