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Friday, June 04, 2010

Say Aaaargh

An extra ordinary sunset this evening just about capped off the day perfectly, but I had to settle for quick snap from the office chair as I couldn't get away from the Mother on the phone for the few seconds that the ripples lasted.

Today was the "check up" day at the dentist, not remarkable one would have thought, but check ups seem to take forever these days.  Gums get measured, teeth get coated, I get chastised (gently of course) and we walk out missing the cost of a return trip to Tasmania from our credit card account, but infinitely more confident in the treatment than that which we have received for the greater part of our lives.

We leave after forty minutes of care, without bleeding gums and echos of scraping in our ears, or skid marks on our tongues from where the scrubbing brush covered in Ajax had slipped.  We like our new dentist a lot.

I suspect I'd like here even more if I didn't have to go back on Monday to have a couple of old repairs repaired.

Oh well, the new credit cards arrived today, so at least we'll get double frequent flyers points for the next lot.


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