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Monday, June 10, 2013

Some days are diamonds.
Vic to Höfn

If you haven't seen ice washed ashore on a perfectly black beach, then there is a chance you've never taken a small boat between icebergs at the edge of a glacier either.   In which case you probably haven't driven through eerie deserts of lava fields overgrown with moss, or beneath a fog which gave one the distinct impression that the world was stuck in wide-screen mode.

Yesterday we thought we´d seen it all, that it couldn't get better, so we weren´t too disappointed to wake to the heavy fog, lashing rain and the single digit temperatures which had been forecast for the entire week.   Last night's fog had turned into a low cloud, completely hiding anything more than a few dozen metres above the ground, which could have been an impediment since we were to travel beside great mountains and glaciers for much of the day.

As we drove through the lava deserts and through the glaciers however we started to become grateful for the artificial limits on what we could see, any more could well have overwhelmed us, such was the impact of what was visible.

Undoubtedly the glaciers stole the show this day, and while the ancient lava fields  were literally the stuff of which legends were made, it was the boat ride among the icebergs that was the icing on the cake, or perhaps more colloquially, the jam on the waffle.

We had not seen Puffin admittedly, but the reindeer burgers were a small consolation.

Note: It is not possible to describe our stay in in Iceland in one photograph or even a few paragraphs, so as soon as internet availability and time allow, further pictures will be uploaded to our flickr gallery.  Watch this space!


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amazing, glad you are sharing it with us lesser mortals, who might never get to experience it! Thank you.

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