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Thursday, May 27, 2010

After Sales Service

We bought a single burner hotplate a year ago, brand new for $20.00.   It worked for a time, then stopped so we phoned the warranty people, who told us to take a photo of it, cut the cord and throw it in the bin.  Since the parts to repair were going to be a lot more expensive than buying a new one, even though my scrounging heart was broken, I did as I was told.

But it was a good day, we have a real estate agent who is working for us and with us and that's a good thing.   Really good as it turned out as we made an offer on a house, an investment property that perhaps one day may serve as home, even if only temporarily.

Contrary to the state of the appliance market at the moment, an new house is currently a lot more expensive than buying one that is just a few years old.

We really are in a bit of a bind in terms of working out what to do about replacing the Home of the Biting Midge, but at least we'll have a roof that we can call upon if it rains.


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