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Sunday, May 16, 2010


It's Saturday, no Sunday..... another week begins well before dawn for reasons which are inexplicable and as often happens we've lost a day somewhere!

Since Lily's arrival we have a routine that seems to be a few days out, I paint until Sunday night, then we have two days off in the big smoke with kids various, their spouses and offspring, so Tuesday inevitably feels like Sunday and well three day's later the week's gone.

Birthdays tomorrow and the next will doubtless relieve the cabin fever.

As they get older, their birthdays remain on consecutive days just as they have always been, but sadly the cake fest doesn't seem to go as long as it did when they were small.  Then, it seemed "Birthday" meant a month long festival.  First one, then the next, then the party(ies) on the next weekend.

Sometime between now and Wednesday, we'll have to tidy the garden.  It's not too bad, but the frangipani are starting to think that winter is coming, and the lotus' have decided it's here, and we have an inspection this week.  Their people want to make sure the house is just so, before they hand over the cheque.


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Joan Elizabeth said...

I like the colour palette of this one.

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