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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One More Sunset

Tomorrow is the last sunset we'll see as owners at the home of the bitingmidge.  Now it really does seem like a dream.  Even my hard-bitten instincts are telling me it's OK to drop our guard, (but not to sleep!).

Today we passed the pre-settlement inspection, which turned out to be quite pleasant as their "people" was "not unknown" to us, a neighbour of sorts in our old town.  We also signed a thing called a "sustainability statement", a bureaucratic joke if ever I've seen one.  What evil mind could dream up a form which is compulsory to complete, where an incorrect answer is worthy of a fine of several thousand dollars, but where the instructions say, "if you don't know the answer, leave a blank".

So we didn't know a lot of answers, and signed a blank form, thereby avoiding a hefty fine for guessing.

Tomorrow, even more strangely we meet in the house that has been ours for almost a decade, to arrange to rent it.

Friday, we will find ourselves living in someone else's house.

I am not sure if it's separation anxiety, relief or excitement that we feel, but the end result is that we are sleeping very much like Lily, waking up every few hours, and staring fitfully at the ceiling, or modifying web pages, depending on which of us is up.



diane b said...

RELAX and good luck in the future for you and Lily.

bitingmidge said...

Thanks Diane, relaxing is a challenge, but there's no worry involved, so that's a good thing!

And as for Lily, well she was pretty lucky to pick the parents she did, which means that being grandparents is going to be super fun!

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