Legends from our own lunchtimes

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I actually enjoy just wandering between the unfinished canvasses, which is just as well, because we've pretty much got a house full of them at the moment.  It's all starting to catch up with me though, the time spent wandering and pondering each with a cup of coffee in my hand.   I'm starting to think maybe I can pull this off.

Five to finish and pack before we leave at the end of June, about a week's work on each left to do if all goes well (and where would be the fun if it did?)

I should be out there now, but I'm icing my shoulders and thinking of other things, like why I choose to paint at such a large scale with such tiny brushes.  Besides I have to go to the big smoke today, I have an appointment with Lily and her cousin Mr Three.

I suspect that as winter starts to arrive, my days may get longer.



Joan Elizabeth said...

I'm enjoying the peeps at some you haven't shown us yet.

diane b said...

Those pieces of art look very good.

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