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Thursday, May 06, 2010

It Works!

It's been a bit of week thus far, but it seems my new fangled method for rearranging dates worked as planned.

Our morning peace was shattered some time well before respectable roosters had commenced crowing, in fact I'm not even sure that the first sparrow had broken wind by the telephone jangling us into the new day.   In a fog, all I could hear were words like "water" and "broken" and naturally assumed that there was a plumbing problem somewhere, and then words like "labour" were being used and I guessed they'd got a chap in to fix the problem.

It's no use, I can't keep myself in suspense any longer, at some time just before the ABC news tonight, Lily Kate turned up, bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready for a life!

We can't see her till tomorrow of course and we were all too excited to find out about things like how much she weighed, but we know she's got hair and we heard her cry when she was less than half an hour old and then we did too, but she couldn't hear us.  Guess who won't be sleeping at all tonight?

It seems that my calendar modification theory works very efficiently after all, just swap the dates and there she is!

Amid all the tension of the day, the pacing and anxious patience, I FORGOT to take a photo although I did manage to rough in the painting above, which I'll call "Waiting" which doesn't at all represent our demeanour of late at all.  While all the excitement was building and events unfolding beyond our control,  our people did get the formal confirmation from their people that all seems to be humming along with the contract, but who cares about any of that stuff right now anyway?

Welcome Lily, try to get some sleep because tomorrow we'll be there and there'll be no chance after that.


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cara said...

FANTASTIC! Congratulations to you.

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