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Sunday, May 02, 2010


Our sleep habits are starting to get a bit like they do before Christmas when there's too much going on for one brain (or even two) to process in the number of waking hours suggested as reasonable in the reference texts.   We were both awake before dawn me thinking about why I haven't thought about what needs to be arranged before we leave in less than two months and just chewing over the current painting in progress which for more than a week has frustrated me with its unwillingness to come together and I can't afford delays like this and we need to find a house and why won't my mind stop I'm starting to feel as though I have a dose of the Kerouac only without the chemicals!

The photo is very similar to one posted before on this blog, and it's there because today was quite special in another way.  Today the University of Queensland returned by hand, my father's slides and a brand new hard drive onto which they are now copied, scanned to archive quality TIFFS.   All nine hundred of them, for posterity and for cross referencing into the State Governments' Places programme.

To make the whole incredible project even more incredible, they expressed a good deal of pleasure at the fact that amost eight hundred of them were fantastically suited for their archiving purposes, so my efforts in scanning the first hundred or so have paid off in buckets.

Now to sit down with the dear old Mother and caption them all for the record.   Not a small job, but now a lot smaller than it was going to be.

Now to get them onto Flickr for the world to share.

Of course the painting turned a corner too, tomorrow looks like it will be even better than today!



Julie said...

So ... who painted the stones in the retaining wall?

Love the apron ...

bitingmidge said...

My Dad of course! And that means it (the paint) was scrounged, lots of left overs from all round the place, and if you look carefully you'll notice the stools are all painted from the same stuff, and built from packing case timber.

bitingmidge said...

Actually my apron was painted with the same paint come to think of it and featured a motif of a well known elf-like creature with the words "Who called Noddy a cook?"

I never got that.

Joan Elizabeth said...

The quality of the photos are amazing. And I can't get over how much it looks like something from a 1950's magazine. Your family had a style that mine most certainly lacked.

Do you have to fit in the chat with your Mum in the next two months too?

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