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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Roundabouts and Swings

The roller coaster has barely stopped and we've already raced over to the swings.

We have a sense of urgency about finding at leas one property in short order as a hedge against what may or may not happen in the money market over the next six months.   On the one hand, prices here are in the very top range for the country.   On the other, it is difficult to see any indicator at all that they will magically become lower in the short term, and population pressure and construction costs give one the fairly solid impression that prices may well be on the move in an upward direction.

Speaking with a friend in a large land development organisation today, it seems they are trying to combat this in the marketplace by providing more lots (as required by Council of all things!) at an ever-diminishing lot size.   I can't say I disagree with this as a matter of planning philosophy, but it will change for ever the character of the place and the reason so many of us came to live here in the first place.

All of which brings me to the beach front block we looked at this afternoon.  Gosh we were tempted, it is a bargain. But the reality after we sleep on it, will be that there is no view so we could be developing any cheap bush block with a salt laden mist problem, it is further from services than we want to be, and we could have two or even three houses for the cost of developing it.

I'm sure we'll be sensible in the morning, and tell ourselves things like "We'll only be there five or six months a year, it would be silly to tie up all that capital...."

It's almost enough to make one want to get a proper job again.

Hmmm... no it's not.  It's not even tempting.


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Joan Elizabeth said...

No post since Wednesday. I can see life has got very busy.

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