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Monday, May 03, 2010

Lost in Space

It's called "Lost in Space", it's 150 cm square and I can't believe how much of a struggle it's been for something that doesn't even have a background!  If the next takes this long I'll be locked in my shed till Christmas!   There is still a bit of tidying up to do but it was such a relief to have it working as intended that I figured I could just push it out and pretend it's done.  Perhaps another day and it will be.

Alone for a few days while girls get some mothering, the shed should be a hive of activity, but I just have this propped up in the living room with a few of it's incomplete mates, and walk around them scratching my chin and thinking I must do something.

It is Labour Day after all.

Note for Cara:  Although there's no sign of a stencil a spray can or for that matter a cheque for quarter of a million pounds I can't deny the "Banksyesqueness" of this piece!   I actually considered not proceeding with it for a time, specially after Mr Banks began pumping out his "smiley face" meme, but I figured the  original photograph that I based it on was a "sign" that I should just do it!


Joan Elizabeth said...

Didn't know who Banksy was but he was the guy who got it mural painted over in Melbourne the other day I think. And the comparison with the photo that inspired it very fascinating.

You do sound like you are biting off rather more than you can chew right now. You are going to need the rest reflecting on the canal when you get there.

bitingmidge said...

Not really more than I can chew, the real problem is more than I can programme!

Hampers said...

I really like the look of your blog, mine is two clicks back. Enjoy your blog very much.

cara said...

Wow. That's a pretty big sign!

You've got that toddler gait down perfectly. Well done - it's great.

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