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Saturday, May 29, 2010

No Rest for the Wicked

Yes I know I could have waited an hour or so or picked a photograph from a thousand others, but once again we found ourselves waking to the sound of the alarm well before the sun had risen above the yard arm, or even the horizon for that matter.  The alarm was gentle enough to be sure, "harp music" on the iPhone, but it was still way before we would have preferred, and it was one of those wet cool mornings which leave one begging for just a few more hours under a warm doona.

But it was also Macy's second birthday party, a breakfast in Brisbane so we set off in almost no daylight, and sloshed our way down through the drizzle and downpours and huddled in the picnic shelter while devouring snags and onions and red and blue Elmo cakes.   

Everyone was there  of course, and after all that catching up and a few odd jobs, an hour or so alone with Lily seemed like a terrific way to snooze away the afternoon.

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