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Monday, May 17, 2010

Welcome to the house of fun!

Sometime before dawn, nature or something else called one of us and the door to our room was opened to reveal Mr Three standing outside holding his "guitar" in one hand and a maraca in the other.  The grand dog stormed in with him and if they'd known the words I'm sure they would have been singing "Welcome to the house of fun."  

Birthday Breakfast, Birthday Lunch and Birthday Afternoon Tea with cake ("don't forget the fire, Mummy") put us all in good stead for a dose of Birthday Dinner.

Between walks and swings and eating, I made use of the time away from the paints, by working on a badly unfinished upgrade to all my blog templates.  Now I have a less badly unfinished upgrade at least, but all of the above faded into the background by ten that night, when Steve with audible sighs of relief all round, finished the paperwork to complete his apprenticeship.   

Jen's illness may well have meant a somewhat lesser celebration of her third birthday with an "0" in it, but it won't be easy to forget!

Ahh tomorrow, another day another birthday!

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