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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Space to get lost in

As I turned out the lights tonight I couldn't help but sigh and be grateful for the time we've had here and the "selfish" spaces we were able to create.  Sure I'll accept that I can't really fire up the table saw or find a book while I'm painting, but short of building a purpose built studio, having a workshop actually located inside the house and beside the study to boot, has it's advantages.

I know one of us doesn't share my enthusiasm when there's a "making" project happening and sawdust seems to find its way to the kitchen and beyond with monotonous regularity, and if I forget to close the door sometimes the tele becomes a bit difficult to hear, but heck it's a great space to play in for days at a time, and the sewing machine makes a noise too.

Now if only the natural light was a bit better......  


Joan Elizabeth said...

All the reason to move on and build another purpose built space from the lessons learnt ... make sure there is a sewing room.

Thanks for this photo, it gives a great idea of the scale of the paintings.

bitingmidge said...

The new space is occupying a bit of my head space at the moment!

As to the scale of the paintings, I've done a bit of work on that onwhat might become my gallery pages.

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