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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Right on cue

I may have mentioned a few days ago that the stingrays would be back soon.   Here are the first of their open cut mines for this visit.  Within a day or two the beach will be more hole than whatever it is that isn't a hole, and all of the little balls of sand left by the soldier crabs will be gone, along with their makers.

It's all so inevitable, but I think I've managed to avoid creating another metaphor.

On an entirely different note, today we have been contemplating the expression "to lose by a landslide".  We decided that it had been a while since we'd been for a drive in the country, so pottered off to Montville via Palmwoods.   We managed to get to within six kilometres of our destination when we came across an illuminated sign telling us that the road was closed due to a land slip and that we should use an alternative route.   Just why the sign wasn't located before the point of no return, or even before we had to backtrack the twelve or so kilometres to get to the alternative route was not explained.   

So we turned around, and retraced our steps, deciding to head in an entirely different direction, from Nambour to Kenilworth via the Obi Obi range.  Nine kilometres into a twenty one kilometre trip, and about half a kilometre past the point where the winding road splits into a one way direction, we came across another sign which advised the road was closed in twelve kilometres.   Another slip apparently, but why again at a point where just to do a U-turn was a five kilometre trip?

Perhaps the Main Roads Department really is our nemesis.   

Not to worry, the bakery pies were good and the custard tart superb.

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