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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Welcome to the house of Pink

Ten days it took for our Lily to catch her first cold, and that meant her mum and dad spent a lot of time awake during the night before her mum's birthday.

We had a grand Birthday Breakfast at yesterday's birthday house, before travelling the few kilometres to what is now the house of pink, for a continuation of the celebration.   

The girls went shopping too, while the blokes silently jockeyed for position over Lil, waiting for the slightest stir so there could be a reason to pick her up, but she remained resolutely snug in her bassinet, which is the very same one her cousins slept in, and her mother, and her aunties, and their father and their aunties and an uncle, and we're not even sure that one of their uncles didn't make it his home for a time as well.

Even if he didn't, we know it's been used by pretty much everyone in the extended family with a birth date after 1952, which makes it some sort of heirloom I suspect, if not an antique.   Which in turn makes me wonder if I am either.

Having been custodians of it for more than thirty years (as indeed were my parents before), we are hoping to have wrapped it in it's dust proof cover for the last time.   When things leave the Home of the BitingMidge these days they do so without a stamped addressed envelope, and with so many babies in the production line, we might just get away with it.



Joan Elizabeth said...

Mr 3 looks very interested. A perfect shot for the family album.

diane b said...

A gorgeous photo. That must be worrying for Lil to have a cold at such a young age.

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