Legends from our own lunchtimes

Monday, June 17, 2024


We must confess, we’ve laughed on more than one occasion in years gone by, when on a bright sunny day we naturally migrate to the shadiest spot we can, while Birgit and Jørn sit out in the bright sunshine as if daring it to do it’s damnedest. 

Yet there we were, barely a month in Europe this year, joining them as they basked in the gentle warmth, enjoying the luxury of having a UV index of one.  It was only for a while of course, just enough time for a coffee and a small biscuit before the forecast cloud and showers arrived and we retreated.

On Sunday the roads between Copenhagen and here are choked with with people from the city visiting the coast or returning from their summer houses, and we had no plans to join them, opting instead for completing a couple of tiny jobs and generally laying about waiting for Birgit to return from the run she took on behalf of us all.

If you woke this morning to the feeling that something had changed for the better, that’s quite possibly because during the course of the day we are pretty sure we’ve solved all of the problems of the world, or at least we had a very good try.



Vallypee said...

No wonder the horizon looked brighter today. Lovely post, Peter.

bitingmidge said...

Thanks Val - pleased to be of service!

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