Legends from our own lunchtimes

Sunday, June 30, 2024


The first year we arrived in Brugge by boat, there was a full sized blue whale constructed entirely of ocean garbage, broaching as though ready to land with a thump in Jan van Eyck Place.  

That was two triënnials ago which to our horror and fascination means we have been based here for six years, even if three of them have been no-shows.

We did set out today with the objective of visiting every exhibit (except for the one in Zeebrugge) but as usual we became a little lost in other pursuits so managed to save half a dozen for tomorrow.

Some of course were more thought provoking than others, some more successful in our view and some like the piece pictured were absolutely astonishing, but all added to a very pleasant day.  

We’ve also discovered that about ten kilometres of walking on cobbles is a sensible limit if we intend to go out again.

Above is titled “Who?” and it apparently challenges us to think about who has the right to be represented in the public space.   Who is visible?  Who has a voice? Who do the boots belong to and what is the story behind this presence cum absence?

Surely it’s not that hard: If he walked there, he’s off somewhere sipping on a cool drink and icing his knees.


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Joan Elizabeth said...

I have just got around to looking at blogs posts from the past couple of months and am delighted to find you guys are posting .... so a long and enjoyable read. Your photographs are simply superb.

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