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Tuesday, July 05, 2022

A Day at the Beach
Monday 4th July - Dunkirk to Koksijde

Today was one of those symbolic days; the day we returned the hire car, severing our dependance on land based transport and moving one step closer to becoming boat people once again.

Since Pat and Pamela were with us with a car of their own, and there’s nothing our unwritten rulebook about accepting lifts from others, getting back to the boat from the car hire place in Dunkirk was easy, and it must be said, extraordinarily pleasant.    

It wasn’t a speedy trip though, as the coast of Belgium is particularly seductive at this time of year, and there was no hardship in making unapologetically long and touristy diversions for chocolate and coffee and mussels followed by a long walk along he Koksijde shore with it’s wall of gaily painted bathing boxes.

We must have all been tired and happy on our mid afternoon return to the boat, because the balance of the afternoon conversation if that’s what it could be called, was clearly sponsored by the letter ‘Z’ !



Rob Siemann said...

You missed the Tour de France in Dunkerque!!! Oh well, only 9 aussies running.

bitingmidge said...

@Rob - yes by one day!! "Running" doesn't seem very smart in a cycle race though.

Unknown said...

They look almost as grand as the boxes at Brighton

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