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Friday, July 15, 2022

Ready to Go!
Wednesday 13th July - Bruges

It’s almost two weeks since we arrived back at the boat, although it feels as though we’ve been aboard for ever.

After the first couple of days of frenetic cleaning and sorting, we’ve settled into a much more orderly routine in between social and sight-seeing engagements and in our spare time we almost have things on board back to the condition they where in before we left.  

We think we’ve caught up with all of the necessary updates, everything has been cleaned to within an inch of its life, Mr Perkins is looking snug and tidy in his little box, albeit with the merest trickle of black ooze from the usual places, just to let us know who really is in charge of our travelling destiny.

All that remained today was to clean the oil spill out of the bilge.  A reluctance to spend a morning hanging upside down, up to one's armpits metaphoric arm-pits cleaning up an oily mess could perhaps be forgiven, which in part is why it has taken so long to get around to it.  The other part is that it requires pretty much all of the floor to be lifted to get to the squeezy spaces that need to be accessed to do the job properly and that does lead to a little inconvenience, particularly while other things need doing.

But it’s done with nary a harsh word mumbled under, and we’re officially ready to set off.

When we get around to it.


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t said...

Been such a blast to catch up with your travels not to mention live vicariously through the pictures. Perfect time to be away from down under too, can't wait to read the rest! :)

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