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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Catching Up
Sunday 10th July - Bruges

In what would soon become the cool of the evening, after a day spent pretty much horizontally with our noses in our books, apart from a short stint polishing and repairing on the part of one of us and a bit of foraging by the other, we were sitting quietly alone except for Dave and Ria of course, in the cockpit of their “Max”, catching up on three years worth of news or at least the bits that didn’t get a mention during our video calls.

We are still pinching ourselves really, still finding our way through some of the cupboards on board, where “use by” dates from several years ago are the only clues that we’ve missed any time here at all.

As to our plans:  They will probably head north for a time, and perhaps we will head south, but neither of us have even the slightest inclination to move just yet.

We talked about when we might move on and then decided there was no point in discussing it further. As always we’ll wake up one morning and just know it’s time.  

For now though, Brugge looks nice.



Anonymous said...

Just go with the flow and enjoy 😀

Anonymous said...

Very jealous. Enjoy! 😁

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