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Sunday, July 03, 2022

It's lunchtime, we must be in France!
Saturday 2nd July - Day trip to Douai

With a boat that’s half-ready for habitation and visitors arriving tomorrow evening we thought there was no time like the present to have a day off, so we did.

We thought a bit of a drive through the French countryside might be nice, as unfortunately did the entire population of Belgium.  

At one point there were so many other vehicles on the road that we thought that there may have been an evacuation order issued, but due to the miracle of the modern motorway network we even had time to stop in Lille en route for a bit of “maintenance” shopping and still made it to Grahame and Aileen’s mooring in Douai in time for a very long lunch in the company of old friends.

As we re-acquainted ourselves with our haunts of just three years ago during the afternoon, with nary a thought of the mountain of sorting still remaining back on the boat, we couldn’t help but congratulate ourselves on how easily we’ve slipped back into our old cruising ways.


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